Dwarf Family in Hotel Lobby

Hotels & Motels need Roloff Stools!

It is important for anyone in the hospitality industry to understand how dwarfism and people of profound short stature are navigating the out of reach areas and amenities of their hotel room when they don’t have an accessibility stool and reaching tools available to them. This understanding is especially important for those who are responsible for purchasing solutions to accommodate differently abled guests.
Behind closed doors, your short statured guests are:

  • Standing on overturned wastebaskets to reach the sink
  • Balancing on the edge of the bathtub to adjust the shower head
  • Standing on the toilet to reach a towel or washcloth
  • Climbing up armoire drawers to grab the TV remote
  • Teetering on phone books or their luggage to fasten the security latch
  • Sleeping on the floor because the bed is too high

Roloff Stools accessibility kits provide a safe and affordable way for your guests to perform necessary tasks like

  • Washing their hands after using the restroom
  • Hanging up their clothes in a standard closet
  • Adjusting the thermostat to a comfortable temperature
  • Locking and unlocking the security latch
  • Making coffee and reaching water glasses
  • Getting in and out of bed without a struggle

Roloff Stools products are not just for guests with dwarfism. Others who have benefited from the independence offered by our accessibility solutions include:

  • Those affected by debilitating or degenerative diseases
  • Young children traveling with their families
  • Senior citizens faced with limited mobility
  • People who have other reach mobility issues

Click here to read technical data sheet on Roloff Stools