Fall Risk Bathroom

Avoid Potential Injury

There are many fall risk statistics and online articles about the elderly, and the blind, and for a myriad of other disabilities, but it is difficult to find a clear statistic that outlines the fall risks of people with dwarfism. I believe this is partly because impaired physical mobility due to being a dwarf is as varied as the individual dwarfs themselves. And with this wide range of outstanding medical factors, it is difficult to attach a clear, concise number to the problem.

If you take away the predominant characteristics of dwarfism such as proportionately shorter arms and legs along with a myriad of other mobility affecting physical conditions often found in persons with dwarfism and just focus on the short stature nature of the condition, the fall and injury risk conditions remain due to the reality of a dwarf trying to navigate and perform normal daily activities within an environment that is built for persons of a much taller average height. This alone should warrant attention when thinking about the importance of acquiring accessibility solutions and tools, not only for convenience and comfort but to prevent falls and injury as well.

Families that include a dwarf member or members have learned how best to modify and adapt their personal spaces to accommodate their different accessibility needs. They have several stools and access tools around the house and in their car to help them perform their normal daily activities. The greater risk for fall and injury come when they venture outside of their normal modified surroundings. This is especially true when traveling and overnight stays. Gone are the adaptive devices and stools they have at home. Depending on what the hotel has available in the room, they know they will have to find ways to make-shift solutions and it’s probably going to involve climbing on counters, pulling out drawers, tipping over wastebaskets and ice buckets to get a reach up to lock the door, switch the light, get a towel, or climb into bed. From a customer service standpoint alone, it is a good business decision for at least one of every major hotel, motel or serious Airbnb establishment to consider acquiring a good accessibility kit to accommodate their short stature guests.